Attendees: Melanie, Ricky, Mike Wolfe, Joe McGee, Roy
Meeting Started 8:18 adjourned 9:19
Social Committee: Joe is to call Wings Plus at 9880 West Sample Rd. to set up a Dinner on March 11 at 7 PM*
We are to request RSVP by March 4th.
*at this writing, Joe has made the reservations.
Mini Field Day by Knights of the Roundtable: Location is Vista View Park 4001 S.W. 142nd Ave., Davie, FL 33330. Phone: 954-357-8898
Starts at 10 AM and ends at 4 PM or until finished.
DCARC also has the same concept once/month.
Elmer(s): Ask for Volunteers on the SEFTN and at the meeting on Feb. 28th
Roy is to write a thank you letter to Dawn Burkett asking if we can have the same arrangement as last year.
John Knox: We need to provide a list of the appropriate people & exactly who is allowed to access the Repeater Room. AND to establish the proper contact(s) at John Knox.
In addition, we still need a contact and volunteer to go there if an emergency arises.
Clean out the Radio room at John Knox. (Tech committee & Volunteers)
Contact Mike Spivak re the possibility of a Repeater to be installed at Imperial Point.

FIELD DAY: Set up 10-11 AM +- on Saturday June 24th
FOOD COMMITTEE: Create Menu, purchase food & non-alcoholic drinks. Also, they will cook the food.
Spend only the money collected prior to the event. Donation of $20.00 at meeting or at Mike’s Electronics.
SNACK COMMITTEE: Supply various deserts & snacks for in between meals.
NOTE: BYOB, if desired.
1.Roy will change signs to reflect new name for #10. It is now Bald Eagle.
2.Public notices
3.Radio ads.
4.Banner, additional signs, etc. Need to discuss more.
5.Robin will do Proclamations from City officials

At meetings, ask for volunteers to help if they don’t attend the event, or just drop by. They will help the tired weekenders.
ANTENNA COMMITTEE: Coordinate with Radio Committee so that we have a safe and effective setup. Poll who will bring Radios & Antennas at the GCARA Meetings
GOTA STATION Hopefully Mickey AA4AC will handle it.
•Mike Wolfe will cover the “Talk In” station. Roy will help cover too.
•Ask Dan re setting up a CW station.
•Devise a plan to share the radios, logging & sending the statistics to the ARRL. See Jeff Stahl’s report from last year.
•Setup a site plan for the park & send it to Robin Terrill. Also, send the name and birth dates for each Board Member.
•Ask David Crane if we can use his batteries and help load and unload his truck.
•Bring Fans, large and small.
•Roy to bring small Fridge.

73, Roy Neiman Secretary.
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