Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association Board Meeting
February 17, 2018
8:35 President, Melanie Fernandez J4VCT Opened the meeting.
Melanie Fernandez, Mike Wolfe, Ricki Witte & Roy Neiman. Resource: Jeff Stahl

Speakers: Dirk agreed to give a presentation for the February meeting.
Hopefully, we can have Ralph KK4GUB to give a presentation on the “Mesh Network”. 
sometime in the future.
Ricki acquired the Model & Serial Numbers of the new ICom Repeater from Mike’s.

Jeff Stahl:
: We should acquire 20, 40 & 80 Filters capable of handling 500 Watts. Melanie will give Ricki the part numbers & Ricki will purchase.
The N1MM logging program was synched to all the laptops & it worked well. In the 3.5 hrs that we operated, 190 contacts were made, giving us 4800 points, including the bonus points.
Discuss the Site Plan at the next club meeting.
Jeff would like to locate the Radios near the center of the building. More coax will likely be needed. Also, we should add the Digital to the logs. That would make us a 3A, rather than a 2A
We’ll plan to have a GOTA station, as well as, VHF, UHF & DMR setups.
The DMR station is working in the “Grandmeister” mode.

Joe McGee:
Has the room at Wings Plus scheduled on February 17th. Note: Jeff Stahl will give a report on the Winter Field Day.
Also, Joe has agreed to Spearhead the June Field Day, along with Jeff.

Was in the Hospital, so wasn’t available today. Jeff stated that the DMR repeater was working.

How to handle the food was discussed. Ricki went to Mike’s to take an inventory of the items left over from the previous Field Days.
The next Board Meeting will be March 3, 2018
The next Wings Plus Dinner is to be planned for May 5, 2018.
Kenny is planning a Knights of the Round Table Picnic at Vista View Park on April 14th details later. GCARA will plan to attend and Jeff will set up a “Fox Hunt.”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:26 AM EST by  President, Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT.

Respectfully submitted by Roy Neiman KJ4EGN, Secretary

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