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                      Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association Meeting
October 23, 2018
7:30 President, Melanie Fernandez J4VCT & lead the Pledge of Allegiance
SPEAKER THIS MONTH: Pete Rimmel N8PR gave an outstanding presentation, regarding all aspects of DXing. He has been on several DXpeditions on foreign soil and has made DX contacts  in 350 countries. He commented on JT65 & FT8, as well as, mentioning many of the various logging programs, Log Book of the World (LOTW) Logger32. It’s important to be active on the Radio, as it promotes more activity. He showed photos of some of his remote DX setups, both the Radios and the Antennas. He covered more details than I can possibly cover in these minutes. Great work, Pete.
There were 27 in attendance.
SECRETARY NOTES: Al Flapan AF4FA  read the list of nominees for the club officers:
President: Melanie Fernandez, VP: Mike Wolfe, Treasurer: Ricki Witte, Secretary: Roy Neiman
New Board member additions: Jeff  Ronner W4AEQ for PIO. Joe McGee NX4T or Jeff Stahl K4BH for Director at Large.

Ricki Witte, KJ4FSJ gave the monthly financial report & the Membership report. We  now have 73 members

VE Report:                                                                                                                                           
Jeff Stahl tested 3: 2 Techs & 1 General all passed.

Winter Field Day will be January 26 & 27. Elections at Nov. meeting. Al offered a kit to make a “Measuring Tape Yagi” for $20.00 Again, there were no takers. 
The 146.61 Repeater. The new Amplifier is installed and the output range is greatly increased. Ricky & Eric put a fan blowing on the equipment to prevent overheating. Weather can also be added to the Repeater. Thanks, Guys for all you do. The DMR Repeater is also working well. Ricky says someone is attempting to install “All Star” on the 61 & to please stop it.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM EDT by President, Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT.

Respectfully submitted by Roy Neiman KJ4EGN, Secretary