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As a result of our March 17th Board Meeting, it has been determined that the June Field Day effort will be lead by Joe McGee NX4T and assisted by Jeff Stahl K4BH. They will meet together and create the antenna plan and radio designations for Field Day. Ricki Witte KJ4FSH and Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT will handle the menu and supervise food preparation.  Mike Wolf K2HXC will handle the publications and announcements. He will also create a new Facebook Page for us. Roy Neiman KJ4EGN has taken responsibility for the signage and banners at this writing. We will need a representative or several to share the post of Safety Monitor during the event. We will also be requiring lots of help to set up, break down and operate this year. The cost for eating several meals there will be $20.00 payable in advance at either the meeting or at Mike’s Electronics. Everyone, regardless of club or non-club affiliation, is invited and welcome to attend. We want to combine having FUN with competing in the Points system this year and we know it can be done successfully with a good attendance. This is the perfect time for newbies to get their feet wet with the help of seasoned pros. Come on out.

This year’s raffle gift will be the Anytone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR + FM radio with over 4,000 memory channels, 4 programmable power levels:6/4/2.5/1 Watt Transmit Power levels and a 177 inch color display TFT screen with selectable dual channel or single channel display. Tickets will go on sale immediately at the meetings for $5.00 and you need not be present to win the prize drawn at our June 26th General Meeting at Imperial Point Hospital. This is a great opportunity to use technology which we will learn about in our March meeting, March 27th , when Mike Samokieszyn enlightens us on the benefits of owning a DMR radio.

We are in possession of the three low pass band filters the club purchased for Field Day (20M, 40M, 80M - 500 Watts). We hope that will increase our ability to communicate side by side without interference between operators.

We need a generator or two for Field Day as well as a fire extinguisher if anyone has that to lend to us. We will make further needs known at our upcoming meetings.

There is still planning going on for the Spring Intra-Club Picnic at Vista View Park for April 14. The Knights of the Roundtable, SEFTN, GCARA and the Palmetto Club will hold their “mini field day” and Fox Hunt to get a little more practice with radio. All are invited but please RSVP to Kenny.  More information to come from Kenny Hollenbeck at the general meeting. The weekend after that will be Safety Fest, April 21 at the Coral Springs Sportsplex. Please see Jeff Stahl K4BH at the meeting for more details on volunteer opportunities.

Thanks again this year to Robin Terrill, N4HHP, for working closely with us to obtain the park venues for our events. It has been his efforts and contacts with the Broward Park System that has allowed us to operate at Quiet Waters and Vista View. Thanks again Robin!

In closing this month, I would like to extend my gratitude to the people who are instrumental in making this club work so well. The Board members consisting of Ricki Witte, Roy Neiman, Mike Wolf, Ricky Eaton and myself are all enthusiastic contributors to the welfare of the club in general. Joe McGee, Membership Chair and Jeff Stahl the VEC Chairman as well as Mike Spivak of Mike’s Electronics, David Crane, Kenny Hollenbeck and Robin Terrill work tirelessly behind the scenes to insure a good club experience. No one person could do it alone and let it still be fun. Thanks to those volunteers who also chip in to help when needed. Many hands make light work. Thanks to all of you named or unnamed who help in the name of FUN.


Melanie Fernandez

March 19, 2018