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The President's Message For July 2017

GCARA just completed a successful Field Day. Key to organization was Joe McGee, who called on the members to assemble an array of antennas, radios and emergency power with which to operate FD. With the help of Jeff Stahl, Mike Wolf, Mickey Galper, Kenny Hollenbeck, Dave Crane, Chuck Gress, Roy Neiman, Ricky Eaton and others, we were primed to do some contesting this year. Unfortunately, the conditions did not meet our expectations and the bands were down most of the day. Most of the other clubs reported similar results.

I am proud of GCARA! With almost a completely new FD crew, and the absence of some of our previous attendees, we worked together well and we helped each other to accomplish our task of operating in an emergency. Many thanks to Dave Crane who was the club ambassador, meeting and greeting the visitors, supplying battery power and giving his sage advice to all. Mike Spivak generously donated the three prizes this year for our door prize raffle and was certainly appreciated by the recipients of them.

Ricki Witte, who has become one dynamite Treasurer for the club, was also front and center to assist me in feeding the FD crowd. We planned the menu, shopped for food together and prepared it for everyone. I value all of her efforts and she adds a great skill set to the Board. We are all so lucky to have her.

I want to thank Jeff Stahl for setting up an email program for GCARA. We are using Mail Chimp and should be up and running soon once Ricki and I are familiarized with it.

The GCARA Board came together July 8, 2017 to discuss the pros and cons of the FD operation and we will attempt to write a handbook for the next Field Day, gleaning what we learned from this one.

We are in the process of planning a Winter Mini Field Day and at present are trying to obtain the Bald Eagle Pavilion once more on January 27-28, 2018. We already have a Pavilion earmarked for the date at Markham Park, thanks to Robin Terrell, Races officer, in case we cannot get a suitable pavilion at Quiet Waters. Many thanks goes to Robin Terrell who has come through for us in obtaining places to practice radio over the last year. We have made Robin, an honorary Lifetime Member of GCARA which he graciously accepted.

Our Social Committee leader, Joe McGee, has also booked the Wing’s Plus in Coral Springs for our next quarterly dinner for August 12, 2017 at 7 pm. We hope to have a speaker of interest to all of us and will announce it soon.

It is imperative that we volunteer for the shelters, schools and hospitals for any forthcoming inclement weather. I would recommend very strongly that GCARA get involved with attending the Ares Races Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at Broward General Hospital. Many of us are already there (all members of the Board, thank you) and it has been most informative and a great way of networking with other hams in the county. Jeff Stahl runs a wonderful meeting along with Carol Sjurgen and Robin Terrell. The only one missing is YOU!

Dawn Burkett, cafeteria manager at Imperial Point stated that we left our meeting room somewhat of a mess after last meeting. I want to implore you to be more careful with your coffee and doughnuts in the future and if you see a mess, please clean it up. The staff at Imperial Point is not supposed to clean up after us. I assured Ms. Burke that we will leave the room pristine as in the past.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the club for your continued attendance and support. You have all shown great heart and generous souls and have made my task a much easier one with all of the cooperation I get from you. I could not ask more from a club or group of people. Thanks.


July 14, 2017

Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT